Somebody who uses currency having sexual activity, always relating to prostitution

trappin’ step 1. adj. The fresh new work out of coping when you look at the as well as which have selling medications having the fresh new buildup of wide range for personal obtain. “Yo, just after Larry had one to deal with them cartels, the guy trappin’.”

dump ’em step one. to correct or confront somebody having a learned requirement. To educate individuals. “Your betta remove ’em ahead of I eradicate ’em.”

secret step one. “Yo Calvin. That one to trick more than there having Jamie?” 2. As well as made use of since the a great verb. “The thing that makes Tiffany turning tips?” or “Oh, they are only an information.”

triflin step 1. v. To help you cheating on your boyfriend otherwise partner or to getting an effective worst companion for the dating. “Rick! Have you been trifflin having Jackie? You greatest vow Tomeka don’t find out . . . she’ll opened a can you!” dos. “Boy, Monica is actually straight triflin’!” step 3. An individual who is actually annoying and even gets to the peoples anxiety.

Speaking about a beneficial buddy’s straight back, straight back stabbing; an individual who likes crisis and you can brings everybody else in on their clutter

trill step one. adj. somebody who is well respected from the roadways while they ‘ensure that it it is real’; comes from the language genuine and you will actual. “Hey these types of ni##a’s was trill you don’t have to care about no one snitchin’.” Lyrical source: FLO RIDA – Act like You understand my personal hole group iced away my personal nigga thus trill my nigga very trill ack as if you understand

trippin step 1. v./adv. (derived from “tripping” ) To behave such as somebody who was hallucinating or into the an acidic excursion. To act one others select strange. “Woman, why you trippin . . . the guy isn’t all of that!” 2. To do something in love or intense about one thing or for the someone. “Eh, woman! I don’t even know as to the reasons he become trippin into myself when We feel aside.”

trolling 1. the fresh new act out-of purposely upsetting (even though you could potentially, you will be anonymous) other people online usually by trying deceive her or him towards the considering your is actually dedicated to particular dispute otherwise point you are trying make, or actually assaulting her or him, or stating impolite reviews. “David’s on the web trolling towards review element of chapel other sites just given that he believes it is enjoyable so you can disturb those individuals religious someone.”

troop step one. letter. a lengthy walk or travel. *Although this title isn’t popular anymore, it nonetheless bears saying whilst has already established have fun with and will feel nonetheless in circulation in a few contexts. “Taco Bell? That is a troop and a half.”

truthiness step 1. n. when something is apparently, or perhaps is sensed to be real, regardless of if it is not necessarily true.

tunnin’ 1. v. To battle well; fight a great deal. A 3rd coast & Dirty Southern term. “Anytime we head to a party, Jason tunnin’.”

turfin’ step 1. v. lawn moving or (T.You.Roentgen.F.=using up area on to the ground) meaning using a big area since you dancing. This style of dance was of this Hyphy, Krumping, or Bucking and you may try came from Oakland, California. “JJ was effective the fight right until Rajaad started turfin’ on that fool and you will took your out.”

tweaker 1. adj. A person who are addicted to methamphetamine beetalk reddit (crank, speed). “Sally did not bed for more than forty times, I am going to bet she is a tweaker.”

tweakin’ step 1. v. to do something eg anyone who has drawn Methamphetamine. Are way too much hyper otherwise energetic. To do something strangely.

A sexually productive women

adjusting 1. v. So you’re able to snort or cig methamphetamine (crank, speed). In some instances people will take it intervenously. “Why are your figiting much, are you presently tweaking once more?”

twigga 1. letter. a difference of your own label ‘wigga’ (light nigga), commonly utilized in Texas. “Jason is valid twigga, the guy representing her or him double wider trailers!” dos. letter. a black individual that spends Twitter and observe the activities out-of other black some one. “I just put every one of my personal twiggas on next location to strike right up this evening.”



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